Women in Leadership: The Statistics

Women are strong, resourceful, determined, and hardworking, among many other things.

In Fortune 500 companies that have a high representation of women on boards outperform those that do not. Women still only account for 8.2% of leadership in Fortune 500 companies in 2021. In other companies, women account for 40% of management positions and only 20% of CEO positions.

Companies that increased female leadership by 10% saw profitable returns up to 9.7% more than those companies that did not.

Organizations and communities need leaders that:

  • Can pivot and shift when needed
  • Emphasize employee development
  • Can navigate difficult times
  • Display honesty and integrity
  • Understand and empathize the experiences of others

And statistically speaking, these traits are more often displayed by women in leadership.

In a Harvard 360 review done in 2019, women in leadership scored higher than men in 17/19 leadership rating categories. Yet in self-rating, women scored themselves lower than men.

Another survey completed in 2020 by McKinsey & Company found that while women have been gaining ground in leadership positions, they are still grossly underrepresented and are experiences a faster rate of burnout than men.

The work of women is still going unrecognized.

Who has provided the emotional support?

Who checks in on other people’s overall well-being?

Who helps to make sure workloads are manageable?

Who helps others navigate work/life challenges?

Who has helped others take actions to prevent or manage own burnout?

Chances are it was a woman.

When you first read this, what was the first thought that popped into your head about women in leadership positions? If it was an antiquated stereotype, what purpose does that serve society? What purpose does that serve your organization?

The only thing that seems to be statistically lacking in women, is the confidence and the voice.

Embrace that YOU ARE a leader and raise your voice. Be seen and heard. You are more than capable.

You ARE.