Why Hire an Editor?

You have worked day and night and have finally finished your writing project.  You’re exhausted but feel a combination of accomplishment, joy, excitement, and fear.  You put it down and take a nice long nap.  You deserve it.

When you get up and are refreshed, do you start editing your own work?  That may not be a good idea.

When we write, we know what our article should say.  Because of this we tend to not see the flaws that disrupt continuity.

A fresh pair of eyes can spot overlooked issues, such as spelling, grammar, or style.  Readers expect books to be edited so not to spoil their pleasure.

Hiring an Editor helps you become a better writer.  A good Editor will not only point out a problem but will also suggest improvements.  They won’t let bad writing stay just to make you feel better.  They critique the work to make you a better, stronger writer.

It saves valuable time when you hire someone to edit your work.  Instead of all the time you spend reading and re-reading the work, you can spend time soliciting to publishers or preparing for self-publishing.

It builds your credibility as a professional writer.  By sending out well organized writing you look more professional and polished.

Dr. Jennifer Capler
Dr. Jennifer Capler

Well versed in multiple styles (AP, APA, CMS, MLA)
Professional Editing & Proofreading Services

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