The Importance of Networking

Business Development is a ‘contact’ sport.

Bobby Darnell

This means networking. How can you develop your business if no one knows who you are and what you offer? Networking provides an opportunity to collaborate, encourage others, and support one another through the development and continued sustainability of your business.

Your network is your net worth. What does this mean? Networking is a way to get information about you and your business out into the world through the voice of others. And in return, you do the same for them. It’s an easy give and take method of marketing. Sure, you could just pay for a bunch of ads. And what in those ads provide a personal connection with your market?

The circle around you will either support you or not. If your network is not supporting you, what could be done differently? Are they spreading word about your business but you’re returning the favor? Or is it possible that you are not in the right networking group? Have you opened up and authentically embraced you? People can usually pick up someone who is genuine and someone who is just in it for the money. Are you competing with everyone? For what purpose?

There is enough business to go around a million times over.

How to find a networking group:

  • Do an internet search of local networking groups
    • If the group does not allow more than one visit before joining, find out what that groups reputation is.
  • Make sure you are ready to FULLY commit to the requirements of a networking group
  • Shop around
    • Don’t just settle for any ol’ group… select the one that is best for you.

When you invest in a network, it pays you back. Some industries experience a fast return on investment and some industries will see a longer return on their investment. For example, I am in a unique industry that requires a strong sense of trust and credibility. Anyone can say they know something. It takes grit, knowledge, and repetition for people to know, like, and trust you.

Know and trust yourself and your capability of being an expert in your field and keep moving forward with your networking group. If you give up before you have received a return on your investment, how will you ever know the true value? And, you get what you give.

If you are struggling to embrace your Authentic self, send me a message.

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