The Action Timeline

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An action timeline is an element in a strategic business plan.  It highlights when you are going to accomplish specific tasks that develop your business and generate a cash flow over a specific period of time.

An effective action timeline is created using an excel spreadsheet.  There should be seven to thirteen columns, one for each month of the year (depending on if you set it up 6 months at a time or an entire year) and one label column.  Down the left most column, label one row for each task that needs to be accomplished.

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug
Task A                
Task B                

This timeline should be realistic to manage stress and to clearly see the direction forward.  This is a visual tool for goals and milestones.  But first, you need to determine what you have already done.

List everything you have already done for your business.  Then, make a list of items that still need to be done.  At this point, it doesn’t matter when it has to be done just that it needs to be done.  This is past, present, next, and future.  Once you have this list, you can then start to determine what is next and what is future.

Next, you make a mark to determine what month you want to complete a task.  Typically, I will mark the month with X, but I have had people want specific dates.  Use whatever works best for you and your business goals.

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