Content Writing

Writing is my passion. Transforming words into content that engages your customer base is a form of art.

Content writing doesn’t have to be complicated or painful. I delve into your world to understand what you need and convey that need into words.

I bring your vision to life by creating the content you desire.

Strategic Business Planning

A strategic business plan will not only give you direction, but it is something you can take to the bank to obtain funding.

I talk with you to understand your history and envision your future. We work together to create budgets that show your business’s future potential.

Grant Writing

Your organization fulfills a very specific need in the community. Problem is, you need more funding to achieve all that the organization needs to accomplish.

You found a grant that could really help you meet those needs, but you are struggling with all the crazy requirements of the grant.

I work with you on creating the grant proposal that will wow investors and win you that award.


Thank you very much for the amazing business plan! It details how I envision my future direction and gives me a professional and high-quality plan. Should I proceed with expansion, I can easily take this strategic business plan to the bank to obtain funding. Jennifer was wonderful to work with and helped me to realize my future potential.

Rebecca Tish, Owner, eLeadership & Organizational Consulting

Rates: Take the guesswork out of what you pay

If you don’t see something that meets your needs, contact me to see what I can do for you with a customized package


In addition to my current rate, I offer pricing options that can help you easily budget every month.

  • Not-To-Be-Exceeded Monthly Budget – We’ll work together to determine the services you want on a monthly basis. I will notify you if I’m approaching the limit and will not exceed it without your permission. This gives you a specific amount to budget for my services each month, and you only pay for the work I actually perform with no minimum requirement.

Content Writing Packages:

Starting at $75 per article for up to 750 words

Writing blogs, content, and copywriting is billed monthly, at a project rate for up to 750 words of $75 per article. If you would also like me to load it to your website and social media, the rate is $90 per article.

For articles with 750 – 1500 words, the rate is $100 per article. To load it to your website and social media accounts, the rate is $115 per article.

For articles with more than 1500 words, contact me to see what we can arrange.

I can also create the content calendar for you, at a rate of $25 for every 6 months.

We can set up a monthly not-to-be-exceeded rate.

All rates include time spent on researching the article topic.

Strategic Business Plan: $1,500 Project Rate*

Strategic Business Plans are billed on a project rate basis. Every plan comes with detailed research, future projections, an action timeline, and more. I conduct a deep-dive interview to gain your vision and goals.

  • *Project Rates – A deposit of 50% is required up-front for work to be performed. The remainder will be billed when completed, or I can set up a payment plan. Ask me how.
    • *Project rates are subject to change based on client needs after consultation.

Grant Writing: $2,000 Project Rate*

Grant writing is billed on a project rate basis. With a 90% turnover rate, all grant proposals include (at a minimum) a cover letter, problem statement, project/company descriptions, and budget. The rate is subject to change based on complexity of the grant.


All work deadlines will be mutually arranged and agreed-upon. Express work is available upon request as follows:

  • Rush Work**: $75 Per Hour – For work completed with a 24-hour turnaround.
    • ** This is strictly for Editing & Proofreading. Projects cannot be completed with a 24-hour turnaround.
  • Weekend Work***: $100 Per Hour– For work completed at a client’s request on a Saturday, Sunday, holiday, or during scheduled vacation.
    • ***For Projects, the hourly rate is on top of the Project Rate.

Rates are non-negotiable.

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