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As I have mentioned before, there is a positive side to emotional intelligence and there is a negative side. As a researcher and subject matter expert on emotional intelligence, I have seen a lot of complaints about the manipulative use of EQ. That is why I feel it is imperative that people learn about emotional intelligence to be more aware of how others are employing it.

Relationship Management in Emotional Intelligence is all based around intent. The intent should be about building consensus and support for the greatest good. To arouse enthusiasm for a shared vision and mission. This is because relationship management revolves around influencing others by tapping into emotions. And emotions are contagious.

As leaders in our communities, it is everyone’s responsibility to call out that which is harmful to others or those that would wield powerful tools for their own personal gain. It is also our own responsibility to monitor how we use these powerful tools. Relationship management is used to enhance effective communication tools by building consensus with others and support for a cause. It should be a win-win-win: a win for me, a win for you, and a win for the betterment of society as a whole.

People with strong relationship management skills can connect with individuals and with entire audiences to encourage teamwork and collaboration. Leaders inspire action and change by creating a compelling vision and voicing that vision with passion to guide others toward fulfilling that vision.

People skilled in relationship management are amazing negotiators and are adept at conflict management. They can handle the tense situations with diplomacy and tact, spotting potential conflict coming and encouraging open discussions.

All of the previous components of emotional intelligence culminate in the ability to manage successful relationships. It is through our own emotional awareness that we can manage what we put out and respond instead of reacting. It is through that awareness and management that we become more socially aware of emotional responses in a crowd. This is about how we apply all of those to build relationships and influence others.

Those in leadership positions should be leading by example and should be inspiring a vision for the greatest good.

If you are having a hard time building that rapport and motivating others towards a common goal, send me an email and let’s talk about what I can do to help you BE that influencer.

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