Quantum Linguistics

While the term might seem intimidating, it is simply another manner of understanding communication. Let me break down the terms to extreme basics.

Quantum is the study of cause and effect.

Linguistics is the study of language and structure to create meaning.

Quantum linguistics is the study of the cause and effect on language to create meaning (and confusion). It relates to thought processes and how we represent and learn through language. It is understanding what is underneath that which is being said (i.e., what is not said).

Our words have meaning, and they create an effect. What effect are you going for and what is the intent? At this point, I want to highlight intent. Intent, intent, intent!

My intent is to build more effective communication bridges. It is through open and effective communication that we cross divides and learn to listen. Learning to listen creates stronger understanding. We can agree to disagree and still respect one another, still get along.

Quantum Linguistics directionalize what you are saying to affect neurological changes within another individual.

Think of the last time you were talking to someone about something they really wanted you to buy. Did you go into the conversation knowing you were going to buy something, or were you on the fence about it? How did they make you feel about that thing? And, did you buy it?

If you went into a sales conversation not sure if you wanted to buy something and then ended up in love with the item and super excited to buy it, chances are that the salesperson was using specific words that tap into your decision-making process.

If you came out of the conversation still on the fence and not too thrilled about the thing, then the salesperson did not correctly use quantum linguistics. Do you see why intent is uber important in quantum linguistics?

Quantum linguistics is an advanced pattern of language. It uses presuppositions (assumptions in speech), metaphors, and understanding how to control the level of abstraction of a conversation (make it ambiguous or super specific).

I help leaders understand the impact that their method of communication can make. How to listen to what someone is telling them to better understand what is behind what they are saying.

What to find out more?

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