What are the Values of your Organization?

Do you truly know what your managers value? Are they telling you what they think you want to hear? How about your front-line employees?

How do you know if the values of everyone in the organization is affecting the values of the organization? Well, how well is your company thriving right now? How is your turnover? How well is everyone getting along?

A healthy organization with properly aligned values at all levels is thriving and has a very loyal and dedicated workforce. If your organization is experiencing mediocre profit and has a high turnover rate, the values throughout the organization and the people are not aligned.

I start the alignment process by reviewing the Corporate Values. I then work through every level of staff to find out where their career values are. Once I have all the information I need, I work with everyone (from the top down) to align career values.

I end this with a 3-day workshop for Executives and Managers to strengthen leadership and communication skills.

3-Day Corporate Leadership & Communication Coaching

Over the course of 3 days, I work on enhancing Leadership & Communication Skills with Executives and Managers

  • We assess leadership strengths and knowledge
  • We interact to enhance emotional intelligence and effective communication skills
  • We review change management and conflict management techniques
  • We create delegation and time-management strategies
  • We strengthen presentation and speaking skills

The 3-day interactive event is packed the most current and useful tools to transform people into AMAZING Leaders that make a world of difference in your organization.

By strengthening your Executives and Managers, you increase employee engagement, improve company morale, and create an environment that reduces turnover.

What is Value Alignment and Effective Leadership worth to your organization’s FUTURE?