Important Life Skills for Success

Somewhere along the way, my generation forgot to pass along some critical skills to future generations.  Granted, Generation X is getting the shit end of the stick, dealing with being dubbed the ‘Forgotten Generation’… and for a reason.

Gen X has been having to bust butt to try to attain the living standards of our parents while not only raising children, but also caring for our parents.  Even though Gen X helped to spur the whole technological revolution, we’re left out of a lot of career advancements.

My generation is dealing with massive college debt, the ‘keeping up with the Jones’ debt, several boom and bust cycles, and housing issues.  Gen X is hailed as a resilient generation, yet organizations look us over in favor of a younger person that most likely won’t stay long.

And while dealing with dual income households to make ends meet (or the single parent working several jobs to make those ends meet), the one’s of us that opted for kids have forgotten to pass along some important information.  Can you blame us?  We’re busting our asses over here.

There are specific skills that are crucial for success in life and in your career.  These skills are not requirements of the education system to teach, they are supposed to be taught by the parents.

Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Work Ethic, Confidence, Communication, Creativity, Grit, and Time -Management

Sure, some of those can be taught in school, but us parents should have been passing this information on to our children.

Our education system is still structured to the rise of the industrialization age.  Group mindset.  Working in factories.  No individual thought.  There are amazing teachers that try to encourage some of the skills, but this stuff starts at home.  Until the education structure is changed, it is still our responsibility to get our kids this information.

And just because we might have these skills does not mean that our children will automatically absorb them.  These skills aren’t compatible with osmosis.

Good news though.  It’s not as hard as it could sound.  First trick is to start talking about them.

Then you can find fun games that incorporate these traits to help teach them.  Google games along with the name of the skill and there will be no shortage of options.

Some great examples of games are:

  • Right Way/Wrong Way Skits
  • Team Survival Games
  • Minecraft (I know… it’s already annoying)
  • ‘I am’ activity (positive attributes)
  • Positive Goals Diary
  • Bubble shooter games (they really can help with time-management)
  • Diner Dash

It’s never too late to learn these skills.  They will help the younger generations as well as out own.

It’s time to step out of the shadow of everyone else and show these peeps just what we have to share.  Take control and help future generations.  And stop relying on schoolteachers to do our jobs.  Yes, I’m sure that’ll piss someone off, but the truth hurts.

Now if someone could tell me how to get my teenagers and young adults to listen…

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