Testimonials and Results Disclosure


1. Compensation And Benefits To Testimonialists:

Some of the testimonialists on this site receive affiliate commissions based on sales of products or services for which they give testimonials. Other testimonialists receive free services to review. To the best of The DM Woman, LLC’s knowledge we believe these testimonials represent the honest opinions of the testimonialists.

2. Subjective Opinion Testimonials:

For Testimonials we post on The DM Woman, LLC that are in the nature of subjective opinions, we do not independently verify, nor seek independent verification; however, to the best of our knowledge we believe the testimonialists are giving their honest opinions. If you’re not sure regarding whether a particular testimonial is a “success story”/”best-case” scenario testimonial or a subjective opinion testimonial, email thedmwomanllc@gmail.com.

3. Blog Posts by Others:

The DM Woman, LLC does not independently verify, nor seek independent verification of comments and statements that may be posted by others in blog posts on this site regarding our website or services. For this reason, if others post “success story” or “best-case” scenario testimonials or positive comments (as distinguished from subjective opinions), you should assume that the results achieved by these testimonialists are the exception and not the rule, and for this reason, you should not expect to achieve the same level of results, or any positive results at all. Results are the direct result of client effort and willingness.