Dr. Jennifer A Capler

Political Leadership Coach: NLP Master Coach; Helper; Risk Taker; Author; Researcher; Nerd; Wife; Mother

The DM stands for Doctor of Management (DM) in Organizational Leadership.

I am committed to helping:

  • Political Figures
  • Political Up & Comers
  • Government Organizations
  • Women in Perimenopause/Menopause
  • Millennials looking for direction
  • GenZ that has little hope in the future

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself

author unknown

My Approach

My philosophy is to be honest and authentic with myself and be the best that I can be (achieve excellence, not perfection). Dream big and know that I can and WILL achieve it.

And: there is no failure, only feedback.

I have found that people either LOVE my joy or dread seeing me coming because they know they’re about to start smiling whether they consciously want to or not.

Empowerment of others is what makes everyone better. What one person has, another can have. There is enough to go around for everyone. If you struggle understanding that concept, it is time for some mental adjustments.

Meet Jennifer

I was born and raised (mostly) in Casper, Wyoming. I was the rebel in the family, doing what I wanted, when I wanted, and always asking why. My curiosity never left me over the years (nor did the rebel), much to the annoyance of my mother, teachers, and bosses. That rebel curiosity has led to my entrepreneurial success and helping others achieve their goals and dreams. I am always learning and growing and I enjoy sharing that passion with others.

I am married and have four amazing (and independent) children. We live in a beautiful tourist town off of the Mississippi River. We have 2 Husky dogs that are like having permanent toddlers on full-speed 24/7. I have gone from rags (thrift stores were not cool back in my high school days) to turning all my dreams/wants/desires into reality. I know how to shift that poor perspective into one of success and profitability. Part of it is coming out of the Entrepreneur Protection Program and embracing my passion and vision.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”

Maya Angelou

Fun facts about me that might surprise you:

  • I love to read Young Adult books. That said, my favorite author has always been Stephen King.
  • I love adrenaline rushes, such as zip-lining and roller coasters (parachuting and bungee jumping are on my to-do list!).
  • I love Sci-Fi and Horror.
  • I have a horrible sense of personal fashion (yet I am skilled at interior design).
  • I am a pesky Optimist that loves to laugh and is also realistic (and I am contagious!)

Be the change you wish to see in the world

Mahatma Gandhi

On Coaching

You don’t know what you don’t know. Often, what we don’t know is what is blocking our path to being the best versions of ourselves. Do you know what type of leader you are? Do you know how you are communicating and how others are receiving that communication? There is so much involved with leading and communicating. I love sharing knowledge of past and current leadership and communication theory research to help others.

On Leadership & Communication

I fell head over heels for Leadership & Communication Theory. From the history of Leadership, to inspiring Authenticity, through Emotional Intelligence, to Effective Communication. Even within Communication there are multiple facets to effectiveness. I love to learn and share what I learn, from writing about it to publishing research.

On Writing

I really enjoy writing. I find that when I write, the world slips away (and time often runs away). I enjoy being immersed into the world I am creating at my fingertips. There is so much heart and vision that goes into the writing. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

On Research

I found that I absolutely love to learn. I thirst for it. It only made sense to me to obtain a Doctorate. I am not afraid to admit that I will get lost down a rabbit hole of research, which only makes learning that much better! It’s amazing what you can stumble across.