Giving Thanks 2019

Every year we come around to the time where every posts on every social media outlet, everything they are grateful for. I tried one of those ‘post every day in November’ thankful things, only to forget a few days in and then dread the catching up aspect …. I know I’m not alone on that…

Even now I find myself distracted… that a really cute kittie. I find it difficult to limit myself to listing what I’m grateful for only in November, before Thanksgiving. I am grateful every day that I wake up.

I am grateful for the ability to open my eyes and see. To get up out of bed, even if it hurts, knowing that I can at least get myself up. I am always grateful for something. My list is seriously long.

I find that by always keeping in mind what I am grateful for, every single day, makes every day better. Even when my pesky huskies are demanding my attention away from my computer (like now).

Do not limit the thought of thankfulness to one month, only because of some feast. Yes, my family can be traced to coming across the seas on one of the three ships (the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria). Not that I can ever remember which one.

Thankfulness is what you make of it. Stop commercializing it because everyone else is putting it on public display. There’s too much commercialization these days. Feel it in your heart, in your soul. Every. Single. Day.

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