Find Your Passion

I have always been a creative individual.  Growing up a single child, I had no problems entertaining myself with my vivid imagination.  Though sometimes that vivid imagination would get me into trouble.  I could sing, I could draw, I could pretend to be someone else…  I had an eye for art.

Then came adulthood.  We all know that term, that feeling, that stage in life.  It was that moment when your dreams became a distant memory in favor of paying the bills and putting food on the table.  Then came having children and making sure their needs were met.  Getting them to and from school.  Filling their tummies and growing their intellects.

Somewhere along the way, I lost myself.  I forgot who that creative individual was.  I lost that passion.  So many of us do.

So how do you get it back?

Well, for me, it took reaching out to an old friend to ask her how she grew her business.  I have tried for so long to build my own to no avail.  Then I joined a group of women who are following their passions, taking their lives back.  Turning their passions into their income.

One of my passions is writing.  Breathing life into words.  Creating a new world.  Writing allows me to escape reality.

It took a lot for me to get here though.  After graduating high school, I stumbled in the adult world until joining the Navy.  Then came children.  Then came civilian life and bouncing from job to job, thinking something was wrong with me for getting bored so quickly.  Then came the discovery that I could be my own boss.

During the time of being my own boss, I went back to school.  I freakin’ LOVED it!  I loved writing research papers, looking up facts.  Creating 5 pages of something from one question.  But I STILL didn’t incorporate that into my business.  I was still warring with the societal notion that you can either be logical or creative, but not both.  I was still heavily focused on the business world and helping other business owners build theirs.  I could not see the creativity in that.  I conditioned it out of myself.

Then came the mid-life slump.  Yes, women experience that too.  Who am I?  What am I doing?  What do I want?  Where am I going?

I have always enjoyed analyzing myself.  Conducting the inner reflection that most will seek out a therapist for.  I just seek a therapist that will listen to me bitch and moan.  But the deep analyzing of one’s true self?  I’m good at that when I’m not in a fog.

So now comes that old friend and her booming business I mentioned.  Followed by an AMAZING group of women in a Virtual Expert® world and the AMAZING Coach I received.  Slowly but surely, I was being steered back to who I truly am.

I created my new business model, transforming my previous entrepreneurial ventures into something that is me.  But I was still focused on how only one part of me could work… the business part.  It didn’t dawn on me until a few weeks ago that my business writing is still a form of my art.

That art is writing.  From topics in business, to emotional intelligence, to ghostwriting blog posts.  I have rediscovered my passion, my core self.

Did you know that a vast majority of the population are in the late bloomer category?  Stop beating yourself up and take some time to reflect on who you truly are and what you truly want.  If you’re not there yet, have patience.  Reflect and you will be able to find, and follow, your passion.

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