Employee Career Values: Do they Match Your Company Values?

Values are the guiding principles and fundamental beliefs which we operate on, every day. While some people say it’s easy to know what one’s guiding values are, the reality is that they are often so deeply ingrained that we don’t truly realize what they are. Values will differ based on certain areas in life (Spirituality, Career, Family, Health & Fitness, Personal Growth & Development, and Relationships). This is known as the Wheel of Life.

If you hire random people because you need warm bodies to do the work, chances are slim that the employees’ career values are aligned with your company values. What difference does that make, you ask? It drastically impacts how well the work is being done (quality), how often employees come and go (turn-over), how much you spend on training, and how well your company is doing financially.

Values create motivation, determine our behaviors, and determine what we do with our time. If we hire people that are not aligned with our company values, there is a clash. So, what can we do about that? We can go around changing people’s values.

No, really, you can’t. It’s highly unethical. And it won’t work.

What you can do is determine if values are aligned between employees and the company. My previous blog mentioned that corporate values are the guiding principles and fundamental beliefs which a company is built upon, the cornerstone foundations, that which guides business practices.

Determining what people truly value is a detailed process that requires experience on how it is conducted.

The benefit is to the company as much as to the employees. Employees feel a stronger connection to the company and are more fulfilled in the work they are doing. Ensuring values are aligned between the two ensures a sense of belonging, which is one of the basic human needs.

The alignment is made visible in quality of work (and products if you have them) and relationships inside and outside the company. If you have salespeople and customer service reps, they tend to be more genuine. Customers pick up on this. Remember that customers can make or break through word of mouth.

Disgruntled employees can often lead to more disgruntled employees. What is the purpose of hiring employees that don’t have the same values as your company?

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