Dr. Jen is a Subject Matter Expert in Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, and Communication. She has many passions and skills, tapping into experience and knowledge to help inspire, motivate, and empower others to become their own versions of excellence and create the greatest good.

Using her expertise, Dr. Jen helps current and aspiring leaders embrace who they are and become more skilled in Life and Leadership. Life happens and life continues. How we handle life is how we handle leadership. And leadership is a state of being not a title. Everyone is leading in some manner.

Dr. Jen is a US Navy Veteran, entrepreneur, and VP of Operations for a non-profit journal publication organization. She is a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership, has a Master of Business Administration, is a Certified NLP Master Coach and Trainer, and holds other Leadership Certifications.

Leadership, Development, and Research are PASSIONS for Dr. Jen. It is her journey in life to share her knowledge and experience with everyone and can literally talk for hours about leadership, personal discovery, growth, and the applications of those topics in any personal or professional setting.

It is through leadership & life development that Dr. Jen helps to create a greater future, one person at a time.

Keynote Speeches:

  • How You Live is How You Lead
  • Empowering Women in Leadership
  • You Are the Future Today
  • Traits of Effective Leadership
  • Effective Communication: More than Talking


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