Defining Your Path to Success

I want to start my first blog post of 2022 with a discussion of success. I figured with many people making their New Year’s Resolutions that don’t last but maybe a couple of months, this topic would be fitting.

How do you measure success? What does that word even mean? There are many dictionary interpretations of success, but what does it mean to YOU? How do we define it for ourselves?

Simply put, success is achieving that which you set out to accomplish. It can follow the textbook definition for wealth, respect, or fame, but where’s the depth in that? If it is determined by what other people say, what’s the purpose of that?

When creating your concept of success, there is a conscious and unconscious decision being made that involves movement. Movement from where you are now towards a goal.

I have met people who defined their own success as making sure their children were happy and healthy, with food and clothes. And they achieved that.

I have met others that defined success by measurements of money. Some achieved their goal, while others are still working on it.

My definition of success is changing the world, one person at a time. Every time I touch an individual, I achieve success over and over. Because each person then goes on to touch another, then another, and so on.

And guess what… I have more than one idea of success.

Where each person has their own concept of what success looks like, each person also typically has more than one area of life that they use it on. Money, career, business, family, self-development, weight, car, house… the list can go on.

Now that we’ve discussed the definition, how do we move from the idea of what our own personal definition of success looks like to achieving that success? With a plan of action. It is first deciding that we no longer want to be standing where we are. It is labeling what it is that we DO want. Then it is detailing how we are going to get it.

It is more than simply stating it, though that is a very important step. It is following up that statement with action. Creating a plan. And being flexible to what life throws into that plan.

Tell me, how are you at creating that action plan? How are you at following through with the steps it takes to achieve everything you want and desire? To turn your dreams into a reality.

If you struggle to keep the momentum going, or even to start moving, I can help.

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