Creating Harmony in Life

As I have mentioned before, I am a multipotentialite. I have many passions, which has led to me being skilled in many areas. I love to learn and then share it with others. I love to grow and help others grow.

And to do so, I get to learn every day how to create harmony between all the requests of my time. Creating harmony in life is, for me, a continual learning process of what works and what doesn’t. It is not a balancing act; it is finding harmony between all areas.

First, let’s look at what balance means. The very technical definition is a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions. When balance is out of proportion, things fall. For example, I have 100% of time in my day (24 hours). In that time, I need to account for sleep, work, spouse, kids, errands, cooking, cleaning, and tending to animals. I am divining that 100% by 8 different things. Then, I also have friends and family that would like to spend some time talking and catching up. Toss in some personal development and I am now up to 11 items to divide attention among. That’s starting to sound a bit stressful to me… how about you? So, what am I willing to sacrifice during a day to even out the balance? Nothing.

With harmony, there is a quality to a consistent whole. There is an agreement of where the time is placed.

What I am willing to do is to find harmony in all areas of life. Not everything needs to be tended to during a 24-hour period. I find more peace in seeing what I want to schedule during a specific time and what I can schedule later. If I find that I fell behind in something, I can get someone else to cook and clean. I can touch base with friends and family on the evenings or weekends. I am more at peace knowing that I do not have to sacrifice anything.

Back to multipotentialite. As my business shows, I have many passions. All passions are actually geared towards helping others: Coaching, Leadership Development, Content Writing, Research. But how do I find the time to manage ALL areas of my business? Well, I certainly don’t balance as I am not willing to sacrifice one area for the other.

 Somerset Maugham once said “I write only when inspiration strikes. Fortunately, it strikes every morning at nine o’clock sharp.”

Scheduling. I schedule my day and change it accordingly as time goes on. Recently, I have modified my schedule so that I am now focusing on one area of business every morning. I am not balancing… I am finding harmony with the time that I have available and making the most of it. When a new writing project comes in, I schedule it for when it needs to be completed by. When a new client comes in for Coaching, we set a weekly scheduled time. I know where my head needs to be with my schedule.

I schedule my off time and vacations. I schedule when I am going to go shopping and run errands. Everyone that needs to know, knows what my schedule is. And I always schedule leisure time, which is every evening. It is important for my soul to sit down and relax at the end of every day. I am also passionate about cooking, so I love to schedule a specific clock out time because then I get to cook to my hearts content. Does it always work out? No, which is why it is always a learning process. And also because life is like that… throwing curves. LOL

How do you find harmony in your life? Are you so focused on finding a balance that items keep falling down? Are you totally stressed out because everyone wants demands of your time and you don’t know how to work it all in?

Are you feeling frustrated at trying to catch up on everything? Contact me. I am always happy to talk about how to find harmony in life.

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