The Content Contortionist is here to create:

  • Blogging Content
  • Promotional Content
  • Analytical Content
  • Technical Content
  • Your Strategic Business Plan

Writing is a passion

It is my passion.

Transforming words into content that engages your customer base and provokes action is art.

Content writing isn’t complicated or painful for those of us that enjoy it.

I delve into your world to understand what you are wanting to achieve and bring forth the words which you seek.

I bring your vision to life by creating the content you need and deserve.

Open up more time to focus on other areas of your business by delegating the content writing

“Copywriting is part art and part science. The science part is being able to listen to how someone expresses their ideas and then have the ability to internalize the spoken words and ask the right questions to get to the heart of the concepts being presented. The art part is being able to take that and express it in a way that connects with the intended readers and audience. Jennifer does both of those exceptionally well.

She can understand the most complex concepts and make them easy to digest for the readers. She is fast, efficient, creative, and someone you can count on to get the job done right. She is also open to criticism and takes direction and runs with it until everyone involved is elated!

And… she is just fun to work with. If you need a writer, especially in the technical space, I highly recommend having a conversation with Jennifer about your needs.”

Brian Basillico, B2b Interactive Marketing, Inc.

Rates: Take the guesswork out of what you pay

Content Writing Pricing:

Writing blogs, content, and promotional material is billed weekly, at a word count rate of $0.20 per word.

*the block rates listed let you estimate the cost*

Outline = $50 (up to 500 words)

Outline = $75 (over 500 words)

Up to 250 words = $50.00

Up to 500 words = $100.00

Up to 750 words = $150.00

Up to 1,000 words = $200.00

Up to 1,250 words = $250.00

Up to 1,500 words = $300.00

**** A deposit is required before work begins ****

If you struggle with creating a content calendar (what you want published on a regular basis) I can make one for you: $50 for every 6 months.

  • Need the article uploaded to your website and posted to social media for you? No problem! Talk to me today about adding this service.
  • Not-To-Be-Exceeded Monthly Budget – We’ll work together to determine the services you want on a monthly basis. I will notify you if I’m approaching the limit and will not exceed it without your permission. This gives you a specific amount to budget for my services each month, and you only pay for the work I actually perform with no minimum requirement.

Next Step…

Strategic Business Plan: $1,500 Project Rate*

Strategic Business Plans are billed on a project rate basis. Every plan comes with detailed research, future projections, an action timeline, and more. I conduct a deep-dive interview to gain your vision and goals.

  • *Project Rate – A deposit of 50% is required up-front for work to be performed. The remainder will be billed when completed, or I can set up a payment plan. Ask me how.
    • *Project rates are subject to change based on client needs after consultation.

Rates are non-negotiable.


As a business owner who started off out of the gate fast and furious, the business plan never got done even though it was in the back of my mind tormenting me the entire time. When this brilliant badass of a woman told me that she enjoyed writing business plans and had plenty of experience doing so, I was an automatic HELL YES! My prayers were answered. From start to finish, Jen was professional, thorough, detail-oriented, and an incredibly good interviewer and listener. Even with the various documents I threw at her and an onslaught of additional information I provided during our calls, she was able to see my business as it is now and as I hope it to be in another five years. Then she worked her magic to get it all down into a business plan that is professional, organized, informative and accurately reflects my business in all of its parts and pieces. Take the load of writing your business plan off your shoulders and work with this woman. You’ll be so very grateful you did.

Alyssa Berthiaume, Lady Boss Owner, The Write Place, Right Time