Dr. Jennifer Capler

Virtual Expert® Professional: Writer; Editor; Emotional Intelligence; Researcher; Author

The DM stands for Doctor of Management (DM) in Organizational Leadership. I am committed to helping Small Business Owners, Philanthropists, Entrepreneurs, and Writers achieve their goals and dreams.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself

author unknown

My Approach

My philosophy is to be honest and get you where you want to go. In a world of technological advancements and constant change, it does nothing but consume precious time to fluff the stuff. You hire me with a purpose in mind and you are my priority. If I can’t meet your specific needs, I will be able to guide you to someone who can.

Empowerment of others is what makes everyone better.

Meet Jennifer

I was born and raised (mostly) in Casper, Wyoming. I was the rebel in the family, doing what I wanted, when I wanted, and always asking why. My curiosity never left me over the years (nor did the rebel), much to the annoyance of my mother, teachers, and bosses. That rebel curiosity factor has led to my success in creating my own business and helping others achieve their goals and dreams. I am always learning and growing and I enjoy sharing that passion with others.

I am married and have four amazing (and sometimes frustrating) children. Two are adults and the other two might as well be (just wait until they find out what adulting really is!). We live in a beautiful tourist town off of the Mississippi River. We have 2 Husky dogs that are like having permanent toddlers on full-speed. I have gone from rags (thrift stores were not cool back in my high school days) to living my dream. I understand hard work and determination.

Fun facts about me that might surprise you:

  • I love to read Young Adult books, but my favorite author is Stephen King.
  • I love adrenaline rushes, such as zip-lining and roller coaster rides.
  • I love Sci-Fi and Horror. The horror falls into the adrenaline factor and the science fiction falls into the curiosity of “what if”.
  • I have a horrible sense of fashion.
  • I am a pesky Optimist and love to laugh.

Be the change you wish to see in the world

Mahatma Gandhi


I LOVE to write. I find that when I write, the world slips away. I enjoy delving into the minds of others to bring forth the words that they have been seeking. I enjoy seeing the future potential of other Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, and Philanthropists come to life through words. There is so much heart and vision that goes into the writing. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

Editing & Proofreading

As a writer myself, I understand the frustration of trying to edit and proofread your own work. Hiring a Virtual Assistant to do the editing and proofreading for you alleviates stress and opens up your time to complete other tasks or to simply sit back and enjoy a peaceful moment.

Human Relations Development

Emotional Intelligence is a foundational building block of human relations. It provides Executives and Business Owners the ability to become more aware of their emotional responses and manage their responses. Emotional Intelligence opens the door to social awareness and relationship management. It helps to foster effective communication and team building. All of these factors greatly impact organizational culture and profits.