I diagnose your needs and prescribe the right antidote.

Content Writing

Whether it’s a regular blog post, content writing, copywriting, a grant proposal, or a business plan, I’m there for you.

I LOVE to write. Writing is a personal escape. There is nothing better to me than delving into another world. To be able to put myself into another’s frame of mind. To understand your needs. That is what my writing is all about.

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Strategic Business Planning

Have you been struggling with direction? Do you need to obtain funding but are unsure how to create a business plan that will sell?

Every business should have a strategic plan to build a solid foundation and help guide the future of the business. If you are seeking funding to open or expand your business, financial institutions will require a very detailed business plan with financial facts.

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Grant Writing

Grant packages require very specific information. Are you struggling with how to write what they require?

Grants are not just a matter of money. Grants help rally necessary resources to fulfill a purpose and a need.

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As a business owner who started off out of the gate fast and furious, the business plan never got done even though it was in the back of my mind tormenting me the entire time. When this brilliant badass of a woman told me that she enjoyed writing business plans and had plenty of experience doing so, I was an automatic HELL YES! My prayers were answered. From start to finish, Jen was professional, thorough, detail-oriented, and an incredibly good interviewer and listener. Even with the various documents I threw at her and an onslaught of additional information I provided during our calls, she was able to see my business as it is now and as I hope it to be in another five years. Then she worked her magic to get it all down into a business plan that is professional, organized, informative and accurately reflects my business in all of its parts and pieces. Take the load of writing your business plan off your shoulders and work with this woman. You’ll be so very grateful you did.

Alyssa Berthiaume, Lady Boss owner, The Write Place, Right Time

Free Your Time and Reduce Your Stress

Hiring a Virtual Expert® Professional can reduce your workload, reduce stress and improve your time management skills.

A Virtual Expert® can reduce overhead costs and allow you to spend more on growing your business or taking that much needed vacation.

Outsourcing helps eliminate time-consuming tasks so you don’t feel so overwhelmed and gets a fresh perspective on your work.

What would you do with your free time?